Some of the projects undertaken by our company:

  • Transportation of wind generators up to 5, 7 meters wide from ex works Northern Spain to the Netherlands.
  • Transportation ex works from Spain to Mauritania on site of complete power plant, including two transformers of 80 metric tons each.
  • Transportation from the port of Bilbao to Dakar (Senegal) and Rio Haina (Dominican Republic)  of a complete turn-key project  for reefer warehouses.
  • Transportation from Spain, Antwerp and Marseille of the biggest power station ever built in Algeria.
  • Transportation from Japan to Tarragona on site of a complete chemical rack, 8 meters width.
  • Transportation from Spain and Australia to Libya of a civil aviation plant.
  • Full vessels of construction parts to Arab Emirates and Pakistan.
  • Shipment from Bilbao to Karachi with final destination Kabul of a prefabricated steel bridge.
  • Shipment from Barcelona port to Mumbai (India ) of two presses of 75 metric tons.
  • Transportation of trafo with a height of   4,75 meters  to Brazil.
  • Transportation of several workshops on temporary import basis to Algeria and their
    return back to Spain.
  • Complete solar plant from China to Italy.
  • Transportation of electrical substations ex Spain & Portugal to Angola and Mozambique.
  • Transportation of Civil Protection Equipment to Lybia.