Bunker Brokerage & Bunker Trading

TRANSCOMA SHIPPING BUNKER DIVISION sources marine fuel worldwide on behalf of ship owners, operators, charterers and managers. Our purchasing power and leverage enables us to consistently offer our clients competitive pricing on favourable terms. Our close relationship with suppliers worldwide ensures prompt delivery to our customers, saving the vessel significant operating costs.

TRANSCOMA SHIPPING BUNKER DIVISION has an established record of outstanding payment performance and, as a result, we enjoy extensive credit facilities with all major and independent oil companies, as well as having established credit lines with numerous state owned suppliers worldwide. Our strong financial position also makes us a solid financial counterparty, which is now more important than ever. Our company supports environmental responsibility and strives to work with like–minded business partners.

The establishment of Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA’s) has recently changed the dynamics of the market, and we have taken a proactive approach to ensure that we are able to deliver marine fuels that are fully compliant with environmental regulations through our established worldwide network of physical suppliers.